Trial and Error in Equal Parts

“Pseudo-activity is generally the attempt to rescue enclaves of immediacy in the midst of a thoroughly mediated and rigidified society. The disastrous model of pseudo-activity is the “do-it-yourself” activities that do what has long been done better by the means of industrial production only in order to inspire in the unfree individuals, paralyzed in their spontaneity, the assurance that everything depends on them.”


“I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.” — Tom Waits

What art stirs your loins so?

bb: everyone is disappearing. all must surrender to loneliness

pH: you’re in deep, son. what art stirs your loins?

bb: goddammit kawashima

pH: ‘I’ve never fucked like this before’ — Al Gore to the Sun God

Solidarity! Democracy and equality for all! Exile Mubarak to Palm Springs!


Hasta la libertad y solidaridad siempre!

from the mouths of babes will issue a resounding "yes!"

Two thousand San Franciscans in the streets for democracy, equality, and an end to US backed tyranny around the world makes me want to dance a jig.

K-Fed goes to rehab?

Katie Fernandez suffering from "inflammation."

In a shocking press release, Katie Fernandez revealed she is headed to Resnik Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA for a little R&R. While this decision comes as a surprise only to the most dimly lit among us, the timing is astounding. Most naughty celebs tend to reboot on Mondays and Tuesdays in this town, but this may serve as an indication of how far our beloved Katie has fallen. Our best wishes will wrap her as tightly as her straight jacket.